At the moment I have a pretty strong focus on designing websites. It seems everyone can make their own website nowadays, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s any good. My goal in any case would be to move forward from the average designs or the average “blogs” you see a lot of, taking the design as far as we want to on our way to creating a unique website.
On the practical side, I offer fully responsive designs, which adjust to every screen- or smart phone size. Of course I’ll offer you, the client, a Content Management System which allows you to easily update your own website.
Here you can view some of the webdesigns I’ve done. Note that I cannot take responsibility for what happens to the site after the launch. Although I give extensive instructions on how to manage new content, if not specifically agreed (which of course is possible) I’m not the one actually maintaining the website. Thus, it’s up to whoever is doing so to follow the guidelines and hence make the most of the original design.