My name is Hans Groen.

I studied graphic design in Amsterdam, which atypically led to me taking over my favourite bar in my home town Den Helder… A couple of years of music driven nightliving brought me back to doing what I love most. I create custom designs for print & web, complete websites and whatever you or I can think of. For any inquiries, please call +31 (0)6 11436704 or send me an e-mail.

+31 (0)6-11436704

Aesthetics of graphic design.

In order for any design to be good, certain criteria might have to be met. Depending on what medium it’s applied to and what is to be achieved with that, one might say graphic design will for instance have to be clear, create order, be contemporary or put a message across. It might also have to provoke, challenge or even confuse. For me, I’m guided by sheer aesthetics in the first place. A truly good design won’t let you stop looking at it. It may arouse your senses, it can make your heart skip a beat. As for you, I’d hope that whatever my sense of aesthetics will lead to, will appeal to you too. Then together we’ll think of a design that you wouldn’t have imagined in the first place. You can view a selection of work I’ve done here:


Custom web design.

At the moment I have a pretty strong focus on designing websites. It appears almost everyone can make their own website nowadays, but that doesn’t necessarily have to mean it’s any good. My goal in any case would be to move forward from the average designs or the average “blogs” you see a lot of, taking the design as far as we want to on our way to creating a unique website.
On the practical side, I offer fully responsive designs, which adjust to every screen- or smart phone size. Of course I’ll offer you, the client, a Content Management System which allows you to easily update your own website. You can check some recent examples here…